Fees / Rates
Coin Deposit Fee Deposit Min.
All Coins no fee no minimum
Deposits to wrong address or network:

To cover costs and expenses, StakeCube will only attempt to recover crosschain deposits after receiving a $100 fee.
The recovery might take up to a week and the fee will only be charged if the recovery was successful. Coins are permanently lost for failed deposits between incompatible chains or a value below $100.
Similarly, sending ETH/BNB via a smart contract to StakeCube may not be automatically credited, and may take time to recover.

Please consult our support BEFORE transferring funds if you are not sure about crosschain compatibility and whether a recovery is possible.

Coin Minimum Fee
Coin Earn Min Fee
Coin Trading Fee
All Coins 0.2%
Coin Rate
Exchange 20% (from SC fees)
Earn 5% (from SC fees)

Product Bonus per 1000 SCC / 1 SCC MN Max. limit
Interest bonus +20% on the base APR +200% on the base APR
Exchange Affiliate-Rate bonus +1% +10%
Exchange-Fee reduction -0.01% -0.1%
Earn-Fee reduction -0.1% -1.0%
Earn Affiliate-Rate bonus +1% +10%
Free NodeCube MNs 1 every 5000 SCC 2
AD free - YES
Product Bonus from 10000 SCC per 5000 SCC / 5 SCC MN Max. limit
Free NodeCube MNs 1 8
Product Bonus from 10000 SCC per 4000 SCC / 4 SCC MN Max. limit
Exchange-Fee reduction -0.01% -0.1%