Integrated masternode hosting system, with shared nodes technology, rewards / status monitor and useful information. The masternode program provides maximum uptime, automatic and painless updates - no technical requirements necessary.

Regular rewards.

Masternodes reward on a more regular basis than staking. There isn't the element of luck that staking relies on making masternode rewards more regular.


Many masternodes require a collateral amount that is out of reach for lots of people. This is where shared masternodes come in, you can claim a fraction of a node (called a slot) rather than needing the whole node collateral.


At Stakecube there is no lock-in period for masternode slots. When you want to withdraw your coins you can cancel your slot/s and withdraw, no waiting for a manual withdraw or a once per 24hrs withdraw.

How it works
Sign-up for your personal StakeCube account
Create your deposit address and add coins
Click to claim an available masternode slot
Enjoy your share of the masternode rewards
Available masternodes
Masternode Overview

A single page shows you which coins have how many masternode slots available, your slots and other info.

Masternode Detailed View

See more detailed info on a specific coin and which node/s you have slots in.

Participation In Shares

With just a couple of clicks you can claim or release masternode slots making the management of your coins very easy.

Tiered Node Support

Some nodes have different "tiers" of collateral, which Stakecube can handle, giving you more choice of node to buy into.

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Services compared
  StakeCube Simple POS Pool Midas StakingLab
Supported coins 40+ 65+ 45+ 40+
Shared Masternodes 600+ 900+ no info 100+
Staking fee 4% 3% no info 3%
Masternode reward fee 4% 5% $0 - $10 and 5% 5%
Avg. withdrawal time ~1 min. ~12 hours ~1 hour ~24 hours
This list is for comparison purposes only and is not intended to degrade any other service
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