Native utility coin with full integration into the ecosystem, earndrop programs and unique masternode registration function to obtain various advantages. StakeCubeCoin is a p2p cash system with an independent blockchain - SCC is also available on many third party exchanges and services.

SCC powers the StakeCube Ecosystem.

Register your StakeCubeCoin masternode(s) with our unqiue integration process into the platform and obtian various advantages or stake and spend in our offered apps.

Independent blockchain.

Blockchains are fully decentralized and offer absolute transparency as well as anonymity. You can also use your own local wallet to securely store your investment.


StakeCube gives you the opportunity to earn coins easily through different tasks. Besides getting a reward for your effort, you help to increase the value of SCC by actively contribution to the ecosystem and social channels.

How it works
Deploy your SCC masternode
Sign-up for your personal StakeCube account
Register the SCC masternode on the platform or hold the coins in your account
Enjoy many benefits next to masternode rewards
Searching for detailed info about the Coin? Click on the SCC icon below!

View your beneficial rates and monitor the status of your registered StakeCubeCoin masternodes directly on the platform.

Register process

Register your masternode with just a few clicks. If you need more information, our guide will certainly help you.


The rates display shows you exactly the apps and scale you can benefit from.


Earn higher interest on your subscriptions, trade with zero fee on exchange, get a ad free platform or free masternode hosting.

Start your own cryptocurrency journey with StakeCube today!

Services compared
  StakeCubeCoin Binance Coin UNUS SED LEO Huobi Token
Integration type Masternode registrationHold in account Hold in account Hold in account Hold in account
Independent blockchain ERC-20 ERC-20
Liquidity Low High High High
Use-cases on ecosystem Stake-Fee reductionTrading-Fee reductionInterest-Rate increaseAffiliate-Rate increaseCommunity votingsGameplace Trading-Fee reductionIEO payment Trading-Fee reductionCommunity votings Trading-Fee reductionIEO payment
Base market on exchange
Accepted by merchants
Additional rewards Stake/Masternode rewards Interest - -
This list is for comparison purposes only and is not intended to degrade any other service