Compounding interest system with the highest rates, calculator, daily payouts and no lock time. Four different and automated income streams offer a payout guarantee. Latest cold storage technologies and proof of funds are fully transparent and traceable.

High-Yield returns with full flexibility.

Earn up-to 11.57% interest per year (0.03% daily) which is significantly higher than traditional bank deposits and alternative investments. StakeCube offers you full flexibility by allowing you to add and withdraw funds at any time - coins don't need to be locked for fixed periods.

Compounded interest paid out daily. No fees.

The power of compounding ensures that every day a larger interest amount is credited into your account, letting you enjoy a secure high-yield passive income without any fees or commissions.

Secured by income-streams and cold storage.

Our income streams, which cover the daily payments to our users, as well as the cold storages are fully transparent and traceable for everyone.

How it works
Sign-up for your personal StakeCube account
Create your deposit address and add coins
Enjoy your High-Yielding passive income
Supported Coins

Use the on-board calculator to get an understanding about the power of compounding interest and to plan your passive income.

Activity log

Track your daily interest income via the activity log. Coins are credited to your account automaticlly.

Discord notifications

You can follow the interest payouts on discord trough our notification interface. Payments are made daily at a random time.

Cold storage / Income streams

Reserve funds are secured by multi-signature cold storages. Balances and revenue streams are fully transparent observable on the block-explorers.

Start your own cryptocurrency journey with StakeCube today!

Services compared
  StakeCube Nexo Celsius
Annual Interest Rate 7.572% - 11.57% 2%-4% no BTC ~3%
Lock-Time in Days 0 0 - 90 0 0
Payout daily weekly daily weekly
Income streams
(cover payments)
2 Mining systemsMasternodesInterest-Exchange Lending Lending Lending
Minimum deposit 0.0005 BTC 0.05 BTC no min. no min.
Fees 0.0005 BTC
Comparison and data related to Bitcoin as reference
This list is for comparison purposes only and is not intended to degrade any other service
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