Highly secured web wallets with personal deposit address, detailed overviews and information. Deposit and withdraw at any time and use your coins in any available app. Rewards are automatically added for coins with PoS and interest system.

Personal portfolio

Create your personal crypto-portfolio with just a few clicks. Stakecube supports an array of wallets on the platform ranging from POS, MN, POW and multiple hybrids. You can add, organize and remove them in your account whenever you want. No need to download, install or maintain anything.

Every info you need

Coin details, activity-log, earnings-history and link collections are just a few function of the wide range of features and info the wallet app provides.


There is no lock-in period for coins on StakeCube. You can deposit and withdraw your coins at any time, without any fees or costs. You start getting rewards from PoS and Interest coins right away.

How it works
Sign-up for your personal StakeCube account
Create your deposit address and add coins
Start using your coins and enjoy your passive income
Supported coins

Start your own cryptocurrency journey with StakeCube today!

Coin details

All important information at a glance, including technical data like version, marketcap, supply as well as your personal balances, further links and much more.


Follow every single movement in your personal activity log. A summary gives you a quick overview about your complete investment and stats.


Watch coin balances growing and track your passive income. A daily snapshot provides you all needed info in one place.


Obtain additional info by watching videos, coin team info, social feeds and more without the need to leave stakecube.net.

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